Important announcement

9 Sep 2021

The Faculty of Law, Beni Suef University, announces the start of admission of students to the English Language Division for the academic year 2021/2022 for high school students and its equivalent, as of Sunday 12/9/2021.

                   ???? Conditions ????
The student must have a high school diploma and be a candidate for college from the Coordination Office.
Students who are transferred from other law faculties are accepted according to the unified list of divisions and programs.

     ???? Required Documents for applying to the division ????

1- Online registration for the English Language Division at the link:
2- A copy of the high school application form
3- A copy of the birth certificate
4- A copy of the nomination card
5- A copy of the ID card
6- Receipt of the application fee (300), noting that this sum was not received in the case of withdrawing the file
7- Two (2) personal photos with the student's name and national number written on it