Objectives of Legal Clinic:

The teaching objective : It is part of the legal studies programs to provide the student with the skills related to practicing the profession of law. Therefore, the study of the student is not limited to reading the issues only, but becomes a part of them, which is the essence of the practical study. The legal clinic is an effective method of teaching and an academic curriculum.

The social objective: It aims to achieve social justice by providing legal services to the community members related to legal advice free of charge. The legal clinic focuses on the marginalized groups in the society, whether the abused woman, widow, divorcee, child, victims of human trafficking, The most common subjects in the legal clinic are divorce, domestic violence, trafficking in human beings and others. 

The Legal Clinic links the College of Law to the entire community, especially non-governmental organizations that are engaged in defending the rights of individuals free of charge.

In addition to the above objectives, the Legal Clinic seeks to achieve the following objectives:

- Spread the legal culture in society.
- Iintegrating students with different segments of the community.
- Providing free legal services and consultation to the poor and needy groups, which to serve the local community so that they can get free information and legal advice in easy ways.
- To train students and mix theoretical and practical academic studies by providing students with skills to meet others, solve problems, apply legal rules and court judgments on such cases.
- Promoting the idea of ​​teamwork.
- Devoting the principles of volunteering work in the society.