Unit tasks and admission conditions

Conditions for joining the Legal Clinic:

The Legal Clinic is open to all students at the Faculty of Law as a part of the voluntary work at Beni Suef University. Students wishing to benefit from this activity and participate in clinic's various activities and training programs, should fill out the attached form.

Procedures for joining the legal clinic:

Students selected to participate in the legal clinic program for a semester will provide legal assistance on various cases. Students attending the clinic will also receive training on how to interview clients, provide advice, conduct researches, gather evidences, case studies, formulate legal arguments and write legal memos.

In accordance with the legal clinic program at the College, 30 students will be selected from various academic levels who are skilled and capable of managing cases and who have the humanitarian motivation to join the legal clinic program to provide legal assistance to needy groups in cooperation with legal clinic staff and volunteer lawyers to work with the clinic .

Application Procedures:

The application for admission to the legal clinic program at the Faculty of Law - Beni Suef University will be completed in the academic year 2016-2017 according to the attached form and sent to the legal clinic by handing it over to:

Dr. Waleed Saleh Abdel Aziz at the Faculty of Law, Beni Suef University.

Or through e-mail :


Students will be notified of the candidates for an interview with the committee formed by the Faculty of Law.

A waiting list is prepared for students who are not accepted (as reserve candidates), sometimes after the application period ends, there are available places for admission to the clinic. In this case, the students who have been nominated will be notified to work in the legal clinic.

Visit the Legal Clinic - Faculty of Law - Fourth Floor

Phone: 0822324178

Fax 0822324178