Information Technology Center

The Information Technology Center is a special unit affiliated to the Faculty of Law - Beni Suef University, which enjoys technical, financial and administrative independence.

The Center aims to:

1 - spreading awareness of informatics in the region.

2 - Qualifying a new generation of students at all levels of study to deal with information technology.

3- Organizing courses related to dealing with modern technologies in the information society.

4 - Holding seminars and conferences in relation to the work of the Center.

Board of Directors:

Dean of the College as President

Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Vice President

Director of the Center is a member

The deputy director of the center is a member (2) from faculty members at Beni Suef University

 (3) members from outside the university with expertise in the field of work of the center

 Center Resources:

• Services and consultations performed by the Center for others.

• Technical and productive operations performed by the Center for others.

• Donations, grants and subsidies accepted by the University Council upon the proposal of the Board of Directors of the Center.

• Any other resources resulting from the Center's activity.