First Scientific Conference

The annual scientific conference of the Faculty of Law

The conference was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Rabeh Rattib on Sunday, 27/11/2016, at 12 pm at the College Council hall, in the presence of distinguished faculty deputies, a large crowd of faculty members, assistants, directors of the departments at the faculty, representatives of student union and a number of students.

 Prof. Dr. Rabeh Rattib began his speech by talking about the general situation of the faculty, especially regarding the exams and correction work as a number of  regulations were adopted and approved by the college council for them. He considered it an integral part of the college's regulations. He announced the implementation of these controls in October exams in postgraduate studies and in the second round exams for the academic years.

- His reviewed the most important achievements at the college since August 2016, which are as follows:

1 - Meeting all employees at the college and follow up the problems they face in their work and eliminate them, and emphasize their important role in the renaissance of the college.
2- Meeting with the faculty members and their assistants in a friendly meeting.

3 - Doing a number of necessary reforms within the college.

4- Creating French language department at the faculty, which is a pioneering step because it is the fourth division of the French language at the level of the Egyptian universities. It has only the same in the universities of Cairo, Ain Shams, Mansoura, Sadat, in cooperation with the French Cultural Center in Cairo.

5- Appointing a new administration for the English Language Division under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Fawzy as a successor to Dr. Ahmed Hassan. He praised the great role he has played in developing the English Language Department at the College.

6. Providing full support to establish the courtrooms as a rich experience for the students of the college to focus on the legal study in its practical aspects, which positively affects the raising of the educational level of students. 

7 - Forming a new Board of Information Technology Center and the selection of Dr. / Hisham Mahmoud as Director of the Center, in addition to the formation of a new Board of Arbitration Center at the College managed by Dr. / Ragab Samida.